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5 ways to mentally refresh after a stressful day

by Josh Allen 19 Sep 2022

According to American Psychological Association, two-thirds of Americans believe stress has a significant impact on their physical and mental health

Modern life often leaves people feeling overwhelmed by the pressures they face. Every day can bring a lot of stress, whether from work, world events, or simply making ends meet - there has never been a better time to find new ways to refresh after a stressful day mentally. However, there are ways to get a mental break after an overwhelming day.
While everyone’s stress points are different, we can all benefit from finding refreshing ways to deal with the stress of our day-to-day lives. Well, keep reading to find out!

1. Connect with your body
If you feel stressed, slow down, notice how you are feeling, what you are thinking, and connect with your body. Push your feet to the ground and practice breathing exercises. Make sure to breathe in and out slowly and gently, but not quickly, which can again cause dizziness, anxiety, or panic. Taking a walk, going to the gym, or doing yoga will help you relax.

You can also try out something new like meditating, journaling, eating a healthier diet, seeing a therapist, or spending more time outside. There are many ways to take a moment to yourself, clear your mind, and relax, especially after a stressful day.
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2. Take a Social Media Detox
In times of stress, unplugging from social media is the best way to manage your stress. Despite social media's potential to connect people, it builds unnecessary pressure on you regarding how others are living their lives. Social media can paint a false picture about what others' lives are like, such as their happiness, success, luxury, etc.

Staying disconnected not only helps you stay away from all this unnecessary information, but also saves you time that you can invest in productive activities.

3. Make time to exercise
For mental refreshment after a day filled with stress - try making more time to exercise.

Working out is considered a natural stress reliever because of the body's natural response to release endorphins and enhance your mood while working out. You can walk, run, use gym machines, or follow a fitness program to get the most out of your workout along to videos from the comfort of your home - there are so many ways to make sure you are getting exercise when it is needed the most.
Close up on running shoes fitness women training and jogging

By venting your steam at the end of the day, you will be able to gain a clearer perspective about what upset you and how to manage it calmly and positively.

4. Maintain a healthy diet
It's what you eat and drink that fuels your body, so a well-rounded, nourishing diet is crucial for optimal performance.

You can heal your body from the inside out with a healthy diet by building a good foundation.

Bowl of fresh green salad hold in female hands

Switching up your diet and using healthy alternatives is an effective way to relieve stress and feel energized as you take on the day.

5. Spend time with your friends & family
A stressful mind often makes it difficult to interact with friends and family, affecting your social life as well.

Spending quality time with family, friends, and loved ones is always a good idea when looking for ways to de-stress and mentally refresh.

Happy cheerful african american family dad and daughter having fun cuddle play on sofa while birthday at house.

It offers not only the opportunity to talk to someone and get your mind off things, but also the chance to relax and spend time with those you love.

Make sure that you keep your support system close, so that you can recharge after a busy day.

6. Invest in effective supplements
In addition to regularly exercising, getting enough sleep, and eating a nutritious diet, several vitamins and supplements can help you cope with stress better.

Melatonin Supplements: Melatonin can be a helpful in promoting healthy sleep patterns. According to a study by National Library of Medicine, Melatonin supplement significantly improved sleep, behavioral disorders, depression, and anxiety in elderly patients.

Alpha GPC Supplements: Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine, also known as Alpha GPC is a natural choline compound found in the brain that supports memory, focus and clarity by converting phosphorylcholine into choline and acetylcholine. It helps support cognitive function and protects against cognitive decline.

Disclaimer: Kindly consult your health care provider before beginning any supplementation regimen.

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In small doses, stress is a positive force that prepares our bodies to spring into action, but repeated exposure can leave us feeling drained.

Having a healthy body promotes a clear mind, but when we are stressed our healthy habits often go out the window and we make unhealthy lifestyle choices.

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